RogueLive MOD APK 1.1.6

RogueLive MOD APK 1.1.6

Description of RogueLive Apk mod free download for android

RogueLive APK (MOD, Unlimited) for android

Mod Download id (com.Carving.RogueLive1)

3DRPG incorporating turn-based battle of roguelike RPG!
Fight with over 700 items, over 200 skills, over 280 production recipes!
Main scenario ~ Cat in labyrinth ~ In addition there are many subquests!

* Please delete the cache of the application when the application stops running due to version upgrade
Android settings → (Device management) → Apps → RogueLive → Storage (SD card and storage area) → Clear cache
You can place your favorite items on the map, you can also make a house!

Implementing “Infinite Dungeon” of 1000 layers!

Plant seeds, grow plants, warm eggs, turn chicks and bustle home.

A free growth system that allows you to acquire new skills and magic by choosing your favorite parameters and skills.
The building of the character becomes important which skills to acquire and which technique to set.

Tactics are also various. Will it damage damage mainly by attack magic? Do you strengthen players with medicine? Do you set traps and weaken the monsters?
There is also a way to summon monsters by summoning magic and let them fight, or set boxes to make way and avoid battle.

How to live “in a rogue-like world” is up to you!

~~~ Below is a detailed specification ~~~


You can play by touch operation optimized for smartphone.
The interface for operations such as buttons can be eliminated as much as possible and an intuitive touch operation can be performed.

· When you trace the screen, the camera rotation
· Changing camera distance with pinch of two fingers
· Move automatically when you touch the place you want to go to
· Touch the object you want to attack and attack
· Long press the object you want to lift to lift
· Touch and hold the place you want to throw and throw the object you have
· Touch yourself while lifting the object to bag the object

【Battle System】

The battle of RogueLive adopts the rogue like RPG turn system.
It will fight as it is without switching the screen with the enemies moving on the map.
When the player moves one step, the enemy also moves one step.
When a player attacks once, the enemy attacks once.

You can make a battle that takes advantage of the characteristics of 3D and attack from high places will raise damage and hit rate.
It is possible to throw things from the top of the cliff and unilaterally attack.

【Lifting system】

Most items can be lifted or thrown, hit an enemy and put it on a map.
Depending on the type, you can also lift and throw enemies.
It is also possible to lift fellows and throw them on the other side of the enemy to pinch it.

【Parameter description】

· Life
When this value becomes 0, it becomes inactive and forcibly returned to the camp. Always pay attention to life.

· Stamina
Consume with weapons attacks, throwing, physical skills. The stamina automatically recovers every step. It is also possible to boost recovery volume by meals.

· Spirit
Use magic or intelligent skills to consume. Spirit does not recover automatically unlike stamina so let’s supplement with spirit drink etc.

【Growth system】

The growth system of RogueLive has high degree of freedom. Growth is done by using “cube”.

How to get the cube
· When level up
· Quest’s clearing fee
· Get from treasure box
and so on.
It is also possible to purchase from the “Charges” menu of the camp.

“Parameter Cube” can upgrade parameters such as life, stamina, muscular strength.
“Skill Cube” can upgrade your skills.
Since you change the play style greatly depending on which parameters and skills you upload, think carefully.

【Craft system】

RogueLive will allow you to create items anytime anywhere by getting recipes and materials.
Recipes are obtained mainly by upgrading various skills.
The total number of recipes exceeds 280.

· Life drink
Recipes that will be used most frequently for adventurers. It will restore life.
The material is “Red grass” and “Apple”. Both of them are easily available so there should not be any difficulties in production.
・The item that changes the difficulty level, “Difficulty level changer”, is now available in Great camp
・Fixed so that if there is Bonfire nearby, items can be produced even if there are materials in the item box

・Implemented the fifth chapter of “Sand country” “~Raiders last adventure・5~”

・Level upper limit, parameter upper limit up to 47
・Open up to 42 skill lines
・The upper limit of favorite goods exchanges is open

・Other quests added

App Information of RogueLive free download

App Name RogueLive
Package Name com.Carving.RogueLive1
Version 1.1.5
Rating ( 48 )
Size 23.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2020-03-18
Installs 10,000+