Uncontained – An SCP Card Game MOD APK

Uncontained – An SCP Card Game MOD APK

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App Name Uncontained - An SCP Card Game
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Package Nameorg.kenomicgames.uncontained.scp.cardgame
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Description of Uncontained - An SCP Card Game Apk mod free download for android

Uncontained – An SCP Card Game APK (MOD, Unlimited) for android

Mod Download id (org.kenomicgames.uncontained.scp.cardgame)

You are a junior Site Director.

Dangerous anomalies… beings and events of weird… twisted nature are breaching and escaping their Containment. People are dying.

Save innocent civilians that got caught up on this chaos by containing these monsters and phenomena, while getting help from scientists and personnel studying them.

Can you survive until the end? Would you sacrifice a few innocent civilians for the greater good?

The fate of the SCP Foundation and the rest of humanity is in your hands!

SCPs Included:
πŸ”“ SCP-076 (”Able”) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-038 (The Everything Tree)
πŸ”“ SCP-2305 (great ideas that are TOTALY USELESS (lulz))
πŸ”“ SCP-504 (Critical Tomatos)
πŸ”“ SCP-711 (Paradoxical Insurance Policy)
πŸ”“ SCP-662 (Butler’s Hand Bell)
πŸ”“ SCP-1889 (Calculus Trap)
πŸ”“ SCP-2584 (Loop Snakes)
πŸ”“ SCP-2800 (Cactusman)
πŸ”“ SCP-614 (IP Address 57.32.XXX.XXX) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-1471 (MalO ver1.0.0)
πŸ”“ SCP-2089 (/john/) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-1269 (Stalker Mailbox)
πŸ”“ SCP-089 (Tophet)
πŸ”“ SCP-1280 (Mematodes)
πŸ”“ SCP-1373 (Laser Shark Fetuses)
πŸ”“ SCP-3901 (Rachel Parks)
πŸ”“ SCP-2419 (The Laughing Men) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-084 (Static Tower)
πŸ”“ SCP-701 (The Hanged King’s Tragedy)
πŸ”“ SCP-880 (Trapped Winter)
πŸ”“ SCP-2553 (Juridical Person) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-173 (The Sculpture)
πŸ”“ SCP-1504 (Joe Schmo)
πŸ”“ SCP-1012 (Secret Chord) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-169 (The Leviathan)
πŸ”“ SCP-2288 (Copy of A)
πŸ”“ SCP-2371 (A Secret Admirer)
πŸ”“ SCP-370 (A Key)
πŸ”“ SCP-858 (Gravity’s Rainbow) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-2565 (Allison Eckhart) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-902 (The Final Countdown) πŸ†•
πŸ”“ SCP-1157 (Bifurcating Man)

⭐ 70+ total unique cards
⭐ 20+ unique SCP characters
⭐ Tons of unique mechanics
⭐ Lesser known SCPs with greater highlight
⭐ Awesome characters!
⭐ Challenging AI
⭐ Chill card design and graphics

How to Play:
πŸ–€Draw from the Draw pile or Public pile during the Draw phase.
πŸ–€Contain an anomaly, Draw a civilian from the Public pile or Play a character from your hand during the Action phase
πŸ–€Player with the most contained anomalies win!
πŸ–€Skip your turn when you’re locked.

To ensure you got the most updated version, visit https://kenoma.itch.io/uncontained-an-scp-card-game

All content in this game are based on the SCP Wiki, which is a work under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
⭐Now updated to the latest Print & Play version!
⭐Added support for 3 players/AI
⭐Added dynamic AI system
⭐Added “Able” or SCP-076 as a character to screw up your opponent!